Dura-Lar Stencils

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SKU: DuraLarStencil005z

We use Dura-Lar material which provides long life and quality stenciling.

Our base stencil price is $10.00, which includes one 9x12 inch sheet of Dura-Lar and up to 10 Kanji symbols.

This gives us 108 sq inches of space. If you want larger Kanji symbols we will need to reduce the number of symbols cut from the Dura-Lar.

Dura-Lar is the acetate alternative, combining the best features of Mylar and acetate. It is always consistent in color and overall clarity, won't discolor with age, and always lays flat.

Dura-Lar’s Wet Media Film has been newly formulated and treated on both sides to accept paint, marker, pen, and airbrush without beading, crawling, or chipping.

Price: $10.00
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